Unit Overview

Social Media Icons

Unit 1&2 – An Introduction to Creative Media Production and Technology

As a growing media practitioner, you will be given the opportunity to gain an introduction into different media industries. You will be given the chance to create your first video to publish onto YouTube and Instagram TV on a topic of your choice. You will also be introduced into the basics of Photoshop to create thumbnails and posters of your videos to promote them on our social media and platforms. This will be the start of creating your online portfolio or your work on the course.

Unit 3&4 – Audience and Contextual Awareness in Creative Media Industries

In this project, you will get the opportunity to develop your research skills further as you are investigating media audiences. You will gain the understanding of primary and secondary research and how this is helpful when creating a media product. You will be given a scenario where you will be carrying out this research for you to put your newfound skills to the test

Unit 5 – Audio Production

In this unit, you will learn about music production and how much plays a part in the media industries and how they are involved with media products.You will get the chance to use industry standard software and how to use mixing tools to create your own audio work. As you create your music, you will be creating this with the intention to release this to Spotify as you progress through the unit.

Unit 6 – Film Production

Lights. Camera. Action! In this unit, you will get the chance to create your very own documentaries. You will be gaining an understanding about the research and the pre-production techniques you need to follow before filming your projects.You will be using industry standard software and the finished projects will be released to the course YouTube channel to be exhibited for the end of the project deadline.

Unit 7 – Games Development

For the final formative unit, you will gain an understanding and an introduction to computer games development.The games industry is ever growing, and you will have the unique opportunity to create your very first video game. You will cover the terminology that is used and the production techniques to support this, as well as explore animation for characters and the basics to programming. For your final goal, you will be aiming to release this mini project to the course website to be exhibited.

Unit 8 – Final Major Project

For your final unit, you will now be developing the skills you have gained so far from the course and choose the path you would like to take for Level 3. You can choose which area you would like to work within and create a project to support this. You can now choose to make a video game, EP or music track, podcast, music video, documentary, magazine, portfolio or creative writing. You will carry out the research and the proposal for the product you wish to make before putting your skills to the test and create your media product.


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