Awarding Body


The awarding body, University of Arts London, strongly urges a constant sense of self-guidance and independent work throughout the course. Students will need to generate creative ideas, experiment further with them and ultimately create a portfolio of work demonstrating all the necessary skills. This will include a variety of research and practical skills centered on the industries of Journalism, Film & TV, Games Development and Music Production.

A large part of the qualification is focused on the student being able to communicate their ideas and show self-reflection and evaluation as well as a critical understanding of the practices they are developing. They will write, record and present their ideas to build their confidence and showcase ideas.

The work is submitted to through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and the students will be given the chance to publish their practical work to the global platform of their choice.

In addition to the entry qualifications listed, the offer of a place on the course is subject to the outcomes of initial assessment, which will be taken at the College as part of the admissions process. Please note that entry criteria may vary quite significantly between courses at the same level. This is to take account of the specific skills needed for success on particular courses, the length of the course and the requirements for progression to the next level. Entry criteria are given as a guide, and the exact requirements in order to obtain a place on a particular course will be confirmed following attendance at a Welcome Event/Interview.




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