We try to provide some tutorials to help support the student with the development of their projects. You can view some of the tutorials that we create for them. Feel free to give them a watch and develop your own projects from them! Or you can visit out YouTube channel and check out other tutorials we have made!

Basic Platformer

This tutorial will cover the basics to creating your first game in GameMaker 1.4. You will get to learn how to use the game engine as well as understanding one of methods to creating a platformer!

Advanced Platformer

This tutorial will cover the basics to scripting which is GameMaker’s other method to programming. You will learn about the basics and how you can begin to make your first game with this technique!

Controller Support

This tutorial will show you how you can add in a games controller into your project! Your game will then support the use of a keyboard and a controller which will allow you to develop alternative mechanics to the way you build your game!


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